Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Daily Digest Bulletin

Texas Health and Human Services Commission HHSC CHIP/Children's Medicaid Information Update
New English/Spanish CHIP/Children’s Medicaid general rack brochures and info cards have been printed and are ready for distribution. The new materials feature an updated income limits chart based on 2013 federal poverty guidelines. The new materials are available for order at the CHIP/Children’s Medicaid website online order form.
Remember, if you're distributing information about about CHIP/Children's Medicaid to a large group, the most efficient option is the English/Spanish general info card, which you also can order using the CHIP/Children's Medicaid online order form. The general info cards are lightweight and easy to hand out. They have basic information about CHIP/Children's Medicaid and a simple-to-read income guideline chart.

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