Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resources for Spina Bifida and Government Aid for Infants

Myelomeningocele is a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth. The condition is a type of spina bifida. More Details on Spina Bifida.

Under Public Law 106-419, children born to women Vietnam veterans may be eligible for a monthly monetary allowance if they suffer from certain covered birth defects. Children must have been conceived after the date on which the veteran first entered the Republic of Vietnam during the period beginning on February 28, 1961, and ending on May 7, 1975. (Spina Bifida however, is covered under the VA’s Spina Bifida Program.) VA identifies the birth defects as those that are associated with the service of the mother in Vietnam and resulted in permanent physical or mental disability. More Details.

Information about Spina Bifida (SB), which means a cleft spine or an incomplete closure in the spinal column. Includes definitions of the three types of SB, frequency among the general school-age population, characteristics and educational implications for children with this disability. For more information visit the disability.gov

VA - Birth Defects Assistance - Payments for Children with Spina Bifida whose Parents Served in Vietnam or Korea.  For more information visit benefits.gov 

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